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History of MFA:

In 1985-1986 Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) awarded 126/177 lots in Maku`u Hawaiian home lands.

  • 127 (5 acre) lots

  • 50 (2 acre) lots

Since then, MFA has had 6 presidents:

  • 1985- Ben Noe`au

  • 1992- Judy Woods

  • 1993- Ron Kaipo

  • 1994- Emily Nae`ole

  • 1995- Mahealani henry

  • 1997- Paula Kekahuna

Under the presidency of Paula Kekahuna, MFA became a Non-Profit organization 501 (c) (3) in 1997. In that same year MFA addressed the Hawaiian Home commissioners with a proposal for a community center/ farmers market. In 2000 we partnered with an architect to work on the community center (click here to find out more).

Currently we are awaiting the approval of building permits before we can move forward.

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About Us:

Maku`u Farmers Association (MFA) is governed by a group of dynamic, Native Hawaiians who strive to put the needs of the community and its association first. Officers and directors volunteer their time, working to oversee the policy, direction and activities of MFA.

Emily Nae'ole

Emma Pedro

Keiko Publico

Pualeilani Fernandez

Joyce Atay


 Paula Kekahuna

Vice President

 Shirley Pedro


 Laua'e Kekahuna