Rules of a Farmer’s Association

A farmer’s association is a legal entity with specific responsibilities. Its members include both landowners and farmers. The governing body of an association must be competent and the members must be governed by law. Rules that govern a farmer’s association’s work are established by the central level competent authorities. These rules set out the appointment and removal of the general manager, the organization of meetings, the management of financial affairs, and personnel-related policy-making.

The federation’s role is to represent the farmers’ point of view in discussions with the government and other professionals. These associations are responsible for drafting a common position and defending it in the national and international arenas. They also manage and implement several common projects between regional associations. While the federation’s structure and functions are centralized, the executive board members remain presidents of their regional associations. However, the organization is not free of overlapping powers.

The federation’s structure is relatively light. Its executive board is comprised of the presidents of the regional farmer’s associations. These presidents-elect a president and vice-presidents to lead the organization. The executive board has the task of defining the position of the association and defending it at the national level and before the government. It also manages several common projects of several regional associations. After the merger, the executives of the federation remain presidents of the regional associations.

The farmer’s association shall appoint one general manager. The appointment must be made by the competent authority. It will serve for the tenure of the current board of directors. A successor board of directors may appoint the same person. A re-appointment of the general manager is possible only when the new board of directors deems the incumbent outstanding. It is a requirement to re-appoint the general manager within sixty days after the new board of directors is elected.

The farmer’s association shall have a general manager who is the sole employee of the association. The general manager should be under the age of 55. The incumbent may also be exempted from the qualification. A general manager can serve one term in a farmer’s association. The person must have a degree in agriculture and be a qualified public servant. The incumbent’s appointment is a statutory requirement. The candidate must be willing to work as a volunteer.

A farmer’s association is a governmental organization that represents farmers. Its mandate is to defend the interests of farmers, to enact and enforce farming-related laws, and to mediate farming-related disputes. Furthermore, it works hand-in-hand with an information and training function to support the agriculture industry. Its mandate includes strengthening the structural framework at all levels of the agricultural world. Its main role is to promote the welfare of younger and female farmers.

The farmer’s association has an executive board made up of regional farmers’ associations. These associations elect their presidents. These individuals have the power to elect a president and vice-presidents. The executive board formulates a common position and defends it in government and other forums. The association also aims to improve the quality of life of rural areas by working with other organizations and forming a balance between rural and urban agriculture.

The farmer’s association staff must be free from criminal convictions. The association must be free from conflicts of interest. Its staffers must be free from debts and other liabilities. In addition to promoting the welfare of farmers, the association should promote sustainable agricultural policies. The farmer’s association should protect the rights of its members and promote the development of agriculture. Its purpose is to protect their livelihood. The workers should have the opportunity to earn and sell their produce.

The farmer’s association is a judicial body that represents farmers. Its members must be farmers and have worked for at least two years in the same region. The members must also have attended schooling and a farmer’s association must have a general manager and board director. The president should have experience in agricultural practices. The chairman of the association must be a local leader with extensive knowledge of the industry. If the organization is a non-profit organization, it should be run by a local government.

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